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Interviews Part 1 - What to wear

From the minute you walk into the building and meet the interviewer you are being assessed how you look and clothing plays a big part in your appearance. First impressions count, as well as having the necessary skills and ability to do the job, you also have to look the part and fit in with the company’s culture.

Times have changed but this does not mean you should turn up to an interview dressed as if you are going to the pub to meet your friends. Nor should you dress as if you're off for a night on the town.

If you don't already know what the company's dress code is you will have to do a bit of research. A suggestion in was to 'Have a cup of coffee in the morning near your potential new office or drive by during lunchtime and watch people going in and out' to see what existing employees are wearing.

Alternatively if you are in doubt as to what to wear, when told about the interview ask what the company's dress code is or ring their reception.

You don't want to turn up to a corporate style company dressed casual smart and vice versa.

Corporate Style

Men Women
Wear a shirt and a suit. Depending on the company a tie is optional. Wear a trouser or a skirt suit with a blouse.
Skirts should be an acceptable length, knee length.
Keep colours simple, doesn't mean you can't wear stripes or floral prints in moderation
Clean shaven / neatly trimmed beard. Hair should be neat and tidy Hair should be should neat and tidy.
Keep makeup and jewellery to a minimum
Shoes should be clean and polished Avoid open toe shoes and overly high heels
Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed

Some company's dress code maybe slightly more relaxed, it will be just as important to dress accordingly. Some of the corporate dress rules will still apply but you will have more options on style, colours etc.

Casual Smart

Men Women
Smart jeans with a casual clean shirt Smart dark jeans with a simple top. Or a casual style dress.
Shoes should be clean. Depending on shoe type also polished Clean shoes. Avoid open toe or overly high heels

Give yourself plenty of time to decide what you are going to wear in case you need to go buy something new. Remember to iron your clothes and make any necessary alterations. You don't want to be tripping over your trousers or noticing a stain on your shirt during the interview.

Another tip offered by is to take the sit down test. This is to see that your outfit looks just as good sitting down as it does when you are standing up. You don't want your buttons to gape or your skirt to ride up during the interview.

Now you look like you would fit in with the company, on to the next step.

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