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Recruiter Job Posting Service: Quick Reference Guide


When creating your next job advert consider the following:

Concise and Readable Adverts

Write clear and concise, yet readable, job adverts that clearly and unambiguously state the job title and key skills in the Job Title field and repeat these together with any required or desired associated skills near the beginning of the Job Description field so they can be viewed easily in the job search results. Define the location as closely as possible once in the Location field only. This will not only be found by searches for that specific town/city but also by all searches for larger regions that contain it.

Avoid the temptation to make your job adverts simply a list of skills as you may miss or deter potential candidates even where your job advert features highly in their search results. Conversely, padding the job advert with large descriptive content will lower the job advert's ranking and although the job advert may match more job seeker searches it will not feature as high in the order of results.

Job Title

Identify the job title and key skills if required. For example:

     Senior Project Manager x 2 - Agile, Prince 2

Job Description

The key skill should be mentioned early in the job advert followed by those associated skills that either the ideal candidate would also possess for the position or to identify those candidates the client is prepared to cross-train. Key skills will automatically be recognised to match with any alternative versions so these need not be provided in the job advert. Try to avoid over-padding with irrelevant skills. Although this may match with more searches the value of each skill match will be reduced. Use the associated skills sparingly as repetition of the same skill within your job advert will also reduce its value, as does creating a long job advert where the skills comprise only a small part of the field's content. Create job adverts that are concise, to the point yet readable, with the skills near the top. Get to know those rare skills in your market and use them without repetition.


Specify the Location as tightly as you can and use once in the Location field only. This key location will be automatically expanded to match with searches for the county, region, country and continent that contain it.

Salary / Rate

To ensure maximum exposure it is important to include an accurate annual salary or hourly/daily rate within your job adverts, along with the currency symbol, as job seekers can filter their search by salary/rate bands.

Contract job postings showing a Rate get at least double the applications than those without.

Permanent job postings showing a Salary get 20% more applications than postings showing no salary.

Custom Application Forms

Would you like to personalise the appearance of the default JobNet application form? You can easily customise the standard form with our Application Form Builder. This will allow you to change all colours, provide a logo and add many extra questions (for example - "Do you smoke during working hours?" or "Do you hold a valid Driving Licence?"). You can also configure a custom application form to be the default for all jobs which are placed on a certain industry. Click here to create a new application form or view an example.

Rejected Jobs

All jobs are verified by JobNet to ensure they comply with our advertising guidelines. Please note that all illegal, offensive or unacceptable adverts will be removed.

Your advert may be either corrected or rejected back to you if any of the below reasons apply:

If your advert is rejected by JobNet, it will be returned to you by email detailing the reason for rejection, changes required and a hyperlink to allow you to suitably amend the advert. The job posting will be temporarily removed from the website until corrections are made. Please note that corrections can only be made to the disputed section of the advert.